Megan Osborne, Ph.D


Dr. Megan Osborne has a Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling and received her Masters Degree in Counseling and BS in Psychology from Boise State University. She spent a number of years at Stanford University in the Behavioral Sciences Department in the research and prevention of eating disorders in public schools. In addition to writing children's books and speaking, she has maintained a small private practice in Eagle, Idaho for the past 11 years.

Peace With Food Coaching evolved from Dr. Osborne's years of clinical private practice specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. She realized that the women she was counseling with severe eating disorders that came through full recovery would find themselves in the "minority" as they entered back into normal life... they had a true peace with food, but most of the women that surrounded them did not! The reality that the majority of women in our culture may not have a clinical eating disorder but that they have an underlining discomfort with food, body image, weight, cycles of guilt/shame with eating, overeating or binge eating, history of rollercoaster dieting, confusion of "whole" and "clean" eating, and on and where Peace With Food Coaching prayerfully began. Finally, access to remote coaching for individuals seeking peace with food!

Dr. Osborne's Christian-based coaching meets each individual where they are at to teach, guide, model and encourage peace with food through experiential intuitive eating. In addition, Dr. Osborne is passionate about encouraging and equipping moms to help their kids (and themselves) love the body God gave them. The desire to give children and moms tangible tools blossomed out of her life long love for children’s books and the unique way truth can be shared through the turning of the pages together.

She writes to touch the heart of both the mother and child. Her affection for children’s books combined with her research background, clinical experience, and utmost passion for the spread of God’s Word provides the base for each of her books.

She happily resides in Boise, Idaho with the love-of-her-life husband and two adventure-seeking children where they can frequently be found mountain biking or skiing in the Boise foothills.